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~ Upstairs ~


The stairs coming up from the lobby to access the rooms. Both are decorated in a rustic style peculiar.

We've named the mountains to where they look at their respective windows. Coll de Som and Mont Caro respectively.

The first room is characterized by its reddish walls. The color identified with the colors of the earth, clay and mud, with the colors of the mountain land. The room we call "Coll de Som", which is the mountain that starts at less than five hundred meters and is part of the last dock of the mountains of Cardo, just when they reach the Ebro.

It has two beds, a large closet and vanity. Also highlights an original picture made with natural stones, highlighting one of the predominant elements in the house and its surroundings

The other blue room has two windows facing in different directions, one west, the Ebro and above him in the mountains of Montsagre. The other window is oriented south to Monte Caro, and further, to the mouth of the Ebro and the Mediterranean. Hence their blue and the name of Mont Caro.

It has two beds and a sofa original very comfortable in front of a large closet. It's a narrower room that perp to have two large windows, very bright and cheerful.

Highlights a chain where each spring lilies and white roses, symbol of harmony.


Other parts of the house:

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