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~ Downstairs ~


Entering the house there is a small lobby with a fireplace and wrought iron tank. In the same room and separated by a stone counter, we have the kitchen.

The tank is no longer used as such, we now performs the function of reservoir water in the house.

The fireplace, when lit, heats up quickly across the room and then distributes the heat slightly for the rest of the house, including bedrooms upstairs. 

Next to the kitchen and dining way we have the bathroom which has shower stall. In front of the bathroom, stairs giving access to the rooms upstairs.

The dining room is another room completes the ground floor of Maset. It has a large table and dining room furniture decoration. In the same room we have the living room where we have a comfy sofa and TV. 


The other parts of the house:


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Garden with barbecue Garden with barbecue

In the garden you have a nice barbecue, and you can have all the free firewood needed.Barbacoa