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 Tivenys, a beautiful and quiet place where peace prevails, the silence and contact with nature. A place surrounded by mountains and generous fruit orchards. Geographically situated between the mountains of Boix and Cardó east and west river Ebro.


A cozy village in the heart of the Terres de l'Ebre, almost in the center where converge the Baix Ebre Ribera d'Ebre and Terra Alta: 10 'of Tortosa, 30' de Mora, Gandesa or Amposta and 30 'from the beaches of L'Ampolla or Sant Carles de la Ràpita.



Attractions in Tivenys:

Besides the village itself, with its streets so unique, you have several points of interest:

  • The parish church, located in the center of town, dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel.
  • Interpretation Centre located inland fisheries at the fairgrounds. It is also within the town, between the road (T-301) and the left channel of the Ebro.
  • Crossing the bridge over the canal next to the Fairgrounds is the park with many trees and walking paths between a beautiful vegetation.
  • Next to the park are municipal swimming pools. New facilities, modern and spacious that have advanced equipment.
  • Next to the park and swimming pools have the riverboats. Located in a very broad river area without power, making it easy maneuvering of the vessels when mooring.
  • A 1.5 kms. Tivenys northwest direction we have two points of great interest, not only the municipality but also in the region. One is the barrier of l'Assut, which together form the environment com paisatjístico a nice set. Incorporates a seating area and a river beach where you can fish and other aquatic activities. At the same lasd on a small hill is located the Iberian settlement of l'Assut, of great archaeological value. These last two points are a little more than five hundred meters of Carmeta's Maset.


Festivals and major events:

  • The festival dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. Held in late September.
  • The Fair of Traditional and crafts. Festividat is celebrated with the Virgen del Pilar and days before or after October 12.
  • The Manger of Riu. A manger vivente leveraging municipal park setting and the Shipper. It is celebrated at Christmas and New Year.
  • La Fiesta of San Antonio Abad. Local holiday which is celebrated on January 17.


More interesting things Tivenys:


From Carmeta Maset of you have quick access to Tortosa, the capital of Tierra del Ebro and other charming villages round about Benifallet Bítem, Amposta, Aldover, Xerta, Paulsen, Pinell de Brai, Miravet, Rasquera, etc. .. .

Towns that preserve the magic of the real thing, that they invite you to relax and leave your watch at home. Peoples of Tierra del Ebro them of working people, friendly, fun and offered to visitors.

Terra de l'Ebre, where everything and very nice: river, sea and mountains. A special place where water and nature combine to create a land full of diversity and bellesa. A region rich in landscapes, in history and heritage.



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